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French Convo Cards 10 Pack!

Get your students talking with confidence with our French Convo Cards 10 Pack!

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French Convo Cards
French Convo Cards

Here's What You Get.


This Convo Card is great to get kids talking about themselves. It covers feelings, names, age, and where we live.


Kids love to talk about themselves and what better way than with their pastimes?

This Convo Card covers the gamut of some of the most common student activities.

The Weekend

Teachers and students alike live for the weekend.

It's no wonder this is a fun topic to discuss in class.

With this Convo Card, most of the bases are covered with common weekend activities.


What are you and your students afraid of?

This Convo Card will get you started talking about this fun and interesting topic.


Teaching students days, months, and weather doesn't have to be boring!

Use this Convo Card to engage your students in conversations about what's happing on a daily basis!

Important Verbs

This Convo Card covers Mike Peto's Sweet 16 and Terry Waltz's Super Verbs along with some other useful verbs in 3rd person present and past tenses.


Need to describe the students in your classroom?

This Convo Card has got you covered!!

It has all the basics plus some other positive characteristics to boost your students up!


This Convo Card is so powerful when you're creating characters for your stories.

From the basic character types to basic descriptions, it's all here.


This Convo Card has places, transportation, and common activities that characters might do.

Use it to co-create an interesting storyline with your students.


What kid doesn't like FOOD?

This Convo Card will get you and your students extremely hungry after talking about all of this food and drink!

French Convo Cards 10 Pack

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10 Convo Cards in printable PDF format with rights to copy for your classroom students.

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